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One of the most common traps that small businesses fall into is failing to use their website to its maximum potential.

Copy has been added in a rush, used simply as a space filler, or worse; there’s no copy on the site at all!

The words you use help people find you, understand you, and ultimately…choose you.

With little, or ineffective, copy on your website, you’re missing your prime opportunity to connect with your market and encourage them to use your product or service. Our copywriting packages are the perfect solution.

The Words and the Bees’ Business Builder content package will build your website content, which will build your audience and, in turn, build your sales to help your business grow!

Providing you with three pages of website copy (home page and two other pages of your choice) and two 800-word blogs, this copywriting package will attract your target audience to your site, keep them there for longer, and encourage them to take action.

If your website is looking bare or your copy is poorly written, you’re missing your chance to connect with your potential clients which will have a detrimental effect on your sales.

Included in the Business Builder content package:

  • Three pages of website copy approximately 300 words each (valued at $396)
  • Two 800-word blogs on subjects of your choice (valued at $264)
  • Google-friendly title tags and meta descriptions for each page.
  • Total value $660

Benefits of the Business Builder content package:

  • Builds trust between you and your target market by creating a consistent voice throughout your website.
  • Encourages website visitors to stay on your site for longer by giving them interesting and engaging information.
  • Encourages sales through your website by giving visitors more opportunity to take action.
  • Clear and concise copy which shows your market that they’re your priority.
  • All copy is written around SEO keywords and phrases to meet the requirements of your existing SEO strategy, if required.

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Just $549