How to write a job description to attract the ideal candidate!

You might think you know how to write a job description but if you have the job opportunity of a lifetime for some lucky employee, yet you’re drowning in a sea of less-than-average applications, you might need to think again!

A low standard of applicants doesn’t mean the right candidate isn’t out there; it might just mean that your job ad isn’t powerful enough to attract your next team member.

When advertising a role, many employers make the mistake of not seeking advice on how to write a job description that will attract their ideal client and fall into the common trap of writing their job ad as if they’re talking to people who are already job hunting.

Your job as is the golden opportunity to entice people who thought that they were quite comfortable in their current position into your company.

If you’re not sure how to write a job description that will encourage the best applicants, follow these simple tips:

Write it like any other piece of sales material.
Don’t focus on the FEATURES of the job such as flexible working hours, work-life balance, no weekend work blah blah (of course, these are important, but there’s plenty of time to discuss the finer details during follow-up discussions and interview); but instead focus on the BENEFITS.

What is your ideal candidate’s biggest problem right now, and how will your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity solve it? Because, trust me, once you’ve shown them you can address this pain point, the rest of the details won’t matter!

If you don’t have the time or skills to write sales material, hire a professional copywriter who can!

Create an attractive headline.
The headline needs to be too good for your ideal candidate to miss. Don’t simply write the job title, particularly as these are becoming more and more ambiguous by the day, lead in with the biggest benefit to your reader. Dig deep into the needs of your ideal employee and create a headline that talks to them.

Use social media.
Create a social media campaign and actively share your ad online where the people who don’t even know they’re job-hunting hang out; and watch those quality applications role in.

You have an excellent product that will change someone’s life for the better; don’t rely on the right person choosing you, use the right words and you will have the power to hand-pick your perfect candidate!

If you don’t have the time or skills necessary, or you’re just not sure how to write a job description to attract the perfect applicant; Words and the Bees provides quality, effective job descriptions which will encourage applicants from the right candidates to help your team function better than it ever has before!

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