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A charity copywriter will save you time and increase fundraising results

When charity budgets are tight and every dollar spent must make the maximum impact, a charity copywriter can be viewed as a luxury that is often pushed to the bottom of the wish list.

You and your team are, without doubt, the most qualified to write about your organisation so it makes sense for all writing to take place in-house. But, with busy schedules, endless to-do lists, and teams stretched to full capacity; appeal pieces, mailouts, brochures and grant applications are often rushed and can fail to ask potential or existing donors for support at the right time or – just as importantly – in the right way.

 With so much choice for donors, you can’t take a single donation for granted.

To secure the sustainability of your charity, it’s important that every word you write resonates in a way that compels people to give again and again all while building the credibility of your charity. But, this takes a lot of time.

Let us do your charity writing for you!

Words and the Bees is a Sunshine Coast charity copywriter committed to using our words to make a difference. We understand the financial and time limitations that charity teams work under and provide a service that takes these into account while delivering donor-focussed copy and content that encourages your audience to act.

If you want to increase your fundraising income, strengthen your brand and build credibility, choose a charity copywriter who knows how to make the ask (and when!) leaving you to run your organisation and increase your impact in the community.

For more information on our charity copywriting services, click below or call Jo on 0422 053 199.

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Charity copywriting services available:

Cases for support

Your case for support, or case statement, is a high-level document that outlines your organisations mission, vision, and methodology. Anyone considering in investing in your cause will ask to see a well written case for support before committing to your organisation

Charity blogs

Blogs on your website build your credibility and provide endless opportunities to highlight the difference your donors are making in the community. Blogs aren’t always an ask but they’re a great platform to build your brand and help you stand out.


Direct mail

Direct mail is alive and kicking and sorely overlooked as an effective fundraising strategy. Stand out above the competition, send your appeal letter through the mail and watch the donations roll in. Full direct mail campaigns implemented on request.

Grant applications

Grant applications are time consuming with little guarantee of success. We’ll wade through the criteria to make sure your organisation and project match before completing the application.


Email is easily accessible and provides a generous ROI so your EDM must stand out in a crowded inbox. A really compelling email will have your donors reaching for their wallet before they’ve even reached the end.  A badly written one, won’t.

And much more

Social media posting, donor newsletters, annual reviews, and more…For all your donor-focussed copy and content, contact Words and the Bees today!

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Why choose Words and the Bees for your charity copywriting?

If you’re making the important decision for someone else to write your charity copy, choose someone with experience. Committed to using our words to make a difference, when you choose Words and the Bees as your charity copywriter you’ll get a writer with six years’ experience in a professional fundraising environment and with 12 months employed as a Grants Officer for a large Queensland-based charity. View more HERE.

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Get the time-consuming charity writing jobs off your desk

For donor-focussed copy and content that will increase your fundraising efforts so you can strengthen your impact within the community, call Jo on 0422 053 199 or click below to find out more.