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‘Succeeding in business is all about making connections.”

Richard Branson

Copywriting for Social Media

Whatever your product, and whomever your market, there is one thing that every business or non-profit owner has in common:

To succeed, you must build and maintain strong connections with your existing and potential consumers.

Yes, every single one of them!

A strong product or service, while an excellent start, is just a small drop in the ocean of your success. It means very little without the solid rapport with your market that’s required to ensure existing customer loyalty while bringing new clients into the fold.

Unfortunately, as a business or non-profit owner, your time is spread very thinly, and while it’s important that you communicate with your clients, it’s also important that you do the hundreds of other things on your list too!

The quick and easy way around this is to go on a Facebook or ‘sharing spree’ to provide some kind of relevant content, but your customers don’t want to see generic social media updates and posts; they want to see YOU!

And they want to see you regularly!

With an ongoing Words and the Bees CLIENT CONNECTION content package, you can do just that.

Services included in this social media copywriting package put you in front of your existing audience in a way that they can get to know (and like!) you, learn to trust you, and will ensure that you can guarantee their loyalty for years to come.

People buy from people.

A Words and the Bees CLIENT CONNECTION package will give you everything you need to put a human face on your business which will help you build valuable relationships with your clients which will contribute to the sustainability of your business or non-profit for years to come.

Benefits of a CLIENT CONNECTION content package.

  • Grow your Facebook followers authentically and organically.
  • Increase engagement with your audience through video content (measurable by Facebook Insight tools).
  • Develop and display the human side of your business to create client loyalty.
  • Regular video content builds the personality of your brand to secure your place in the market.

Choose from a combination of any of the following services to start connecting with your clients and building your business:

Facebook posting

Source and schedule ongoing Facebook posts.

Posts will be engaging and informative, and a mixture of relevant articles, good news stories, company messages and sales posts or requests for support.

Facebook Live scripting.

Facebook Live is essential if you want to create genuine engagement. It’s also terrifying! There’s nothing worse than logging off and realising you’ve forgotten to mention something essential! Let us write your script for you so you can learn it beforehand (nowhere do we recommend reading from it!), and make sure you cover the vital points in your session while increasing engagement and encouraging your viewers to act.



Blogs keep your audience engaged and are another opportunity to use key SEO words and phrases to drive traffic to your site and highlight your authority in your niche. While some of your audience might prefer to watch you live on video, hers might prefer to read over your content and let it digest and you need to appeal to both.


Email copy

A marketing newsletter is the only way to stay in touch with your database of clients and potential clients to remind them of the service that you offer and to keep them engaged with your activity.

Design your own Client Connection package, or choose from an existing package below!

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Help your audience connect with you on a friendship level. They know your name and what you do, but there’s no commitment from either side.

20 Facebook posts.

Two 800-word blogs.

One five-minute Facebook Live script.

*Valued at $1089
Get into a serious relationship with your clients. They’ll become loyal to you, you to them and it’s a relationship you can both depend on.

20 Facebook posts.

Three 800-word blogs.

Four five-minute Facebook Live scripts.

*Valued at $1353
Say ‘I do’ to your clients and provide a stream of content which will ensure their loyalty to you in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

20 Facebook posts.

Four 800-word blogs.

Four five-minute Facebook Live scripts.

Copy for one sales or marketing email.

Create a meaningful connection with your existing and potential clients to safeguard the future of your business. Call 0422 053 199 for more information, or CONTACT US today.