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If your website isn’t working to the best of its potential, often all it takes is a refresh of your copy (the words).

Words are powerful, and although you may have laid the foundations for an all-singing-all-dancing website, if your copy (text) is out of date – or not professionally written in the first place – you’re missing valuable opportunities to talk to your ideal customer and encourage them to take action.

Is a FREE homepage copy audit for you? 

Firstly, think about what you want your website to achieve

  • Do you want visitors to pick up the phone and ask you a question?
  • Do you want visitors to sign up to your mailing list?
  • Do you want to start building a relationship with your target market so by the time they choose you, there’s no turning back?

Once you’ve defined your website goals, if they’re not being achieved (confirm with Google Analytics, how many new sign-ups to your list, and how often the phone rings) the power of effective copywriting CAN help.

About your free website copy audit report

Provided by a professional copywriter, your personalised report will give a percentage score of how effective your copy is AND – if appropriate – will make recommendations on how you can improve it…


All you need to do is complete your details, and you’ll receive your report within 48 hours.

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Why am I giving away a FREE homepage copy audit?

You might ask why I’m giving my time to provide this valuable information for free.

Well, every day, I see first-hand how much time, effort, energy and money goes into building the perfect website. And then…crickets. After all that hard work, the phone doesn’t ring and your customers still don’t know who you are.  Unfortunately, for those websites that aren’t reaching their potential, the copy is often the part that lets them down.

The power of words is often overlooked in favour of fancy graphics and sleek design and, as someone who’s been in the position where I don’t have much money to throw at a website but still need a valuable sales tool for my business, I want to make life easier for those who are in the same metaphorical boat.

Follow my copywriting recommendations and I’ll help you use the power of words to capture the attention of your homepage visitors and increase the number of people who take action.

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