When I told people that I was leaving my safe, secure, passion-invoking job to start a business which offers professional copywriting and written content services, I was generally met with three reactions…

Apprehension: From the older, more mature members of my circle (mum). How will you pay the bills? Leaving your safety net is a big risk…

Excitement: Woo hoo you’re doing it, you’re breaking free and taking the bull by the horns. “You go girl!” (also mum).

Confusion: What on earht does a copywriter do? I didn’t even know such a person existed (love you, mum!).

Surprisingly, though, reaction number three was echoed by many during those early conversations and it got me thinking. If f people don’t know what a copywriter does, how do they know they need one?

Well, for those of you who are still confused but too polite to say so and you’re wondering what I’ve been doing with my time recently, here’s the crux of the duties that a professional copywriter performs.

In a nutshell; a professional copywriter writes words that sell.

Copy and written content is all around you. It’s on websites as text and blogs. It’s on your cereal packet as the written reasons you should eat the cardboardy, sugar-laced ‘fruit’ shapes. And it’s on the roadside billboard which makes you slam your brakes on to find out how you can become Australia’s next biggest success story.

Copy is everywhere and, when written correctly, it’s helping products fly off the shelves faster than the speed of light.

But, if you’re still not convinced that hiring a copywriter for your small business is a dead-set, guaranteed way to increase your revenue and make you more money, here are seven reasons you should think again:

1) Hiring a professional copywriter gives you the gift of MORE TIME to focus on running your business:

It doesn’t matter how well you can write; producing readable, grammatically-accurate content takes up a lot of your valuable time.

In order to write good copy that sells, you need a quiet environment with few to no distractions. If you’re writing your copy yourself, to put yourself in that creative environment means you’re unable to take phone calls, unable to hold meetings, and unable to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Which all, in turn, lead to you forfeiting opportunities to make money.

Think of the money you could be making when you spend your time elsewhere…

2) A professional copywriter WRITES WORDS THAT SELL.

Believe it or not – words alone don’t sell.

Just filling a text box or social media post with words and pictures isn’t going to make a scrap of difference to your average potential client. Using words that appeal to your target market and make your product something they can’t live without, is.

And this is a skill overlooked by many business owners.

Are you currently making a dangerous mistake and wasting valuable space on words that don’t invoke the ‘must buy now’ reactions in your target market? If you do, you’re not alone, but don’t worry – you have time to turn it all around and before long you too will be hearing the satisfying sounds of those extra cha-chiiings!

3) A professional copywriter is an INVESTMENT in future marketing.

Hiring a professional copywriter and content creator means you’re paying for unique and original copy which you can use as you see fit, right throughout your business and in your future marketing strategy.

While you should refresh your copy on an ongoing basis to keep your product interesting, once you’ve paid for your initial written content, including blog posts, you can use these as often as you like, however you like, for as long as you like.

Pay once and you have unlimited rights to your product. Now that’s value!

4) A professional copywriter writes words that CAPTURE THE ATTENTION of an internet browser.

No, not the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox kind of browser, a human being that is browsing; just like you, me, and your target market do every single day.

Your website is your first and often last chance to make a good impression. You only have a few seconds to nail your introduction to a complete stranger and it’s not as easy as describing yourself and your business. In just a few words, a good professional copywriter is guaranteed to get a reader to click on your ‘contact us’ page so that you can then step in and do what you do best – complete the rest of the sale.

5) A professional copywriter knows how to create GOOGLE GOODNESS.

Want to know more about ‘Google Goodness’? CONTACT US today!

Appearing in the first couple of pages of any search engine is crucial for the success of your business. Copywriters know how to include key SEO words and phrases in your copy without making it look forced and keyword stuffed (which Google actually penalises your site for, did you know that?).

A sound knowledge of SEO is essential when writing online copy because over time, implementing successful tactics will see your ranking improve while keeping your content readable and persuasive giving it an immediate impact.

The monetary value associated with your business getting to the top of the search listings speaks for itself!

professional copywriter small business


6) A professional copywriter creates a WARM AND WELCOMING ONLINE PERSONALITY for your business.

Let’s face it, as human beings we tend to focus naturally on the reasons that we can’t do something rather than the reasons that we can. And those who do focus on the good in themselves may feel as though they’re being arrogant when they try to write about themselves.

A copywriter will highlight every single reason why someone should buy your product while keeping your online personality friendly, community-minded and most importantly, genuine.

Potential clients are much more likely to pick up the phone when they know that they’re going to get someone kind, caring and welcoming on the other end of it.

7) A copywriter creates a CONSISTENT MESSAGE through all of your written mediums so your target market will feel like they know you.

Building a relationship with your clients is essential to increase your sales. Fortunately, today’s businesses have access to websites, various social media platforms and eNewsletters. These online mediums make it much easier to communicate and build solid, customer-based relationships which inevitably leads to increased revenue.

Not only that, once you’ve made your sale, this consistent and ongoing communication creates buyer loyalty and keeps your customer coming back for more.

So, those of you living under the strain of owning a business and dreaming of taking a tropical holiday as your revenue increases…you’ve come to the right place!

Words and the Bees shies away from cringey terms such as Word Warriors or Grammar Gurus – we are quite simple and straightforward in what we offer – quality copy and written content to help you business grow and your sales increase.

We can write about any subject and appeal to any target market with interesting and engaging copy which is both relevant and effective.

Our written services are extremely varied so check out our SERVICES page to see how we can help your business grow. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, CONTACT US today for an informal chat about how Words and the Bees can help you make money.