Meet Romy Louise

If you’ve ever smelt the luxurious scents of Romy Louise handmade candles, you’ll know that these are no ordinary candles!

Hand poured in Romy’s make-shift warehouse on the Gold Coast, every soy candle is made from sustainable soy wax and burnt with an all-natural toxin-free wick.

Romy is renowned for pouring every candle with the recipient in mind, and when she was approached this year by leading retailer Myer to stock her candles, her customer-focussed processes never wavered.

At six months pregnant and working full-time, Romy and her team fulfilled their first (but by no means last) wholesale order and can now be found in stores in 25 capital cities across Australia!

If you’re looking for the definition of multi-tasking mama, Romy Louise is it!

Congratulations to this legend on her huge achievements in 2018! We loved learning about your candles while writing your website, 2019 is set to be the best year yet and we can’t wait to see what you achieve next.

Sample your own slice of Romy Louise heaven here.

Working with Jo from Words and the Bees has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Being a small business owner in the technology age and not knowing how to do what I need to do to get noticed online was a struggle.

I felt like I had in my head what I wanted to tell people but I couldn’t for the life of me get it out onto paper or online in the same way it sounded in my head! Enter JO!!!

Jo’s way with words is unique. I’m sure it’s a natural talent, but she also works so hard to make it just right for you until you’re happy with the product! Between blogs, social media posts and website copywriting, she really knows how to put the words down in a way that draws the client in and creates interest in what you’re offering, which is ultimately what we all want for our businesses.

Thanks for all you have done and for your continued support Jo!

Romy Miller

Owner, Romy Louise Candles