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Another busy day in your office.

The phone won’t stop ringing.

The more you tick off your to-do list, the longer it grows.

And now, on top of your regular workload, you’ve been assigned the management of the company website project.

While coordinating a website project is rewarding, it’s a time-consuming process that somehow needs to fit in with all your other duties, and we all know that eight hours a day only stretch so far.

But, overwhelming as it is, don’t let an already full work schedule mean you rush to give your web developer website copy quickly thrown together merely to fill a space.

The copy is your golden opportunity to connect with your audience and turn them into your customer. 

When written well, it’s the words that make the difference between an internet searcher picking up the phone, or them scrolling straight past you towards your competitor.

In short, you need to spend a lot of time on your website copy to make sure your words work for you, rather than against you.

But, as we know, time is the one thing you don’t have.

Step away from the panic button! 

At Words and the Bees, we work with you (and your website developer where applicable) to provide website copy that is professionally written, engaging, persuasive, and will help your company reach its goals.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly research your company, brand and competitors to provide website copy that will help your business stand out in a crowded online space and encourage your ideal customer to take action.

But more than that.

Because we understand the time pressures of working in a busy office, we guarantee a website copywriting service that is stress-free, flexible and  will make your life easier, not harder.

The copy is a critical element in making your website a valuable sales tool for the business . Let us tick off the writing while you get on with everything else on your list.

Call Jo on 0422 053 199 today to find out how our copywriting services can maximise the potential of your website, without you lifting a finger.

Not sure what professional wesbite copywriting looks like?

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Website copywriting isn’t all we do!

While we specialise in website copywriting, we also provide written content for a full range of professional sales and marketing collateral including eBooks, blogs for business, eCommerce product descriptions, and more.

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Build strong relationships with your clients with an ongoing monthly content package featuring services to suit your market.


Website copy, blogs for business, product descriptions, eBooks, biographies, and more. Prices start from just $99.


Professional fundraising copy for eappeals, direct mail, grant applications, and a wide range of donor correspondence.

Our words are ‘all you’!

We know that handing your copy over to a stranger can be daunting. So, to put you at ease, we take the time to do thorough research and really understand the ‘why’s and wherefores’ of your organisation.

Your finished product will always be in line with your brand, goals, and will define your business or non-profit to a tee. You won’t lose the personal element to your brand that you’ve worked so hard to build…you have our word!

This isn’t our first time!


Jo is an incredible asset to our business…always professional, pro-active and passionate.

Lucy Kuper
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Thought-provoking copy that is, without fail, always on target and the absolute best value for money.

Stu Cooke
Co-Founder and Director


If you’re looking for website. SEO copy, or blogs that engage an audience, Jo doesn’t disappoint!

Maz Hancock


Jo works with honesty and integrity, she understands me and my businesses and her writing skills are exceptional.

Ricky Naicker

Gold Coast Copywriter and Content Writer.

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