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Provide your market with regular, quality content that converts with our monthly content writing package!

Have you considered an ongoing content writing package for your website and to complement your existing marketing strategy?

Possibly not, because the importance of adding regular content to your website is something that is sorely overlooked!

With too few hours in the day for most business-owners; blogs and articles are often restricted to one every few weeks with a quick link to your Facebook page thrown in for good measure. If that.

But, if this is you, you’re missing out on a, sorry, the golden opportunity to attract new customers and give your existing followers content which will help them get to know you, like you, and trust you.

After all, where do all of your potential customers hang out? Online, that’s where. And it’s important that you meet them there!

Words and the Bees now provides a content writer on ongoing monthly package to suit your needs which will provide your clients with a constant stream of engaging and valuable content which will encourage them to take action.

Choose from a pre-designed monthly content package, or tailor-make your own content package (which, if you’re feeling particularly fancy-pants can include professional design too!) to suit your budget and the needs of your business.

Grow your following and increase your customer base with a stream of content and one, easy, monthly payment.

Don’t waste any more time; START TODAY!

Want to start building your online profile and engaging your audience today?


A Words and the Bees monthly content package will help you achieve the following:

Get to know your audience.

Find out who you’re talking to and the best way to talk to them to encourage them to take action.

Just ONE payment.

Know where you stand financially each month and help your small business grow with as much content as you need at your fingertips with just one payment.

Develop a consistent voice.

This will help build solid relationships with your clients which leads to their loyalty to both you and your product.

Improve your presence with Google.

Get. Found. First! Regular content written around identified SEO keywords and phrases will help your website rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results page).

Prove yourself as an authority.

Consistent, engaging and relevant articles build your credibility with your clients AND your competitors.


Have a copywriter at your fingertips.

How much time do you spend on those unforeseen writing tasks? Use our time, not your own!

"I know where I stand each month financially and this takes one extra pressure off me when running my business."

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