Our web content creation and copywriting services are many and varied!

While we are extremely passionate about helping to raise funds for small charities and not-for-profit organisations, we also get excited when our words and copywriting services are used to make a difference in the corporate industries.


Business blogs

Blogs for your website are an extremely popular and creative way to sell your service and educate your audience, all while encouraging internet traffic to your page. You can either provide us with the subject and a word limit or give us free reign to do it all for you. Our blog copywriting services cover any subject that relates to your business or engages your clients while utilising key SEO words and phrases.  Blogs can be provided individually, as part of a series for you to upload in line with your marketing strategy,  or in conjunction with ongoing social media packages.


Website copy

Your website homepage is your first and potentially last opportunity to captivate your audience and hold their attention. All too often, those valuable few hundred words are filled with confusing terminology and industry jargon which leave customers overwhelmed and unimpressed. To fulfill your existing marketing strategy, we will provide professional and engaging homepage copy which is clear and concise and created with your target market in mind. Our website copywriting services cover writing website copy from scratch or rejuvenating existing content with the view to expanding your business.

Our copywriting services aren’t just for full profit businesses! We’re extremely passionate about writing for the not-for-profit sector and as a result, our rates are heavily reduced to assist with the good work that small charities undertake in the community. We write appeal letters, newsletters, e-appeals and complete grant applications and government forms. We are highly experienced in creating donor-focused content and would be privileged to help small charities make a difference. If you don’t see your requirements listed here, please click HERE for more information on our charity copywriting services.



Not everyone likes to write but not everyone needs to know that! Words and the Bees offers completely confidential ghost writing services; if you’re looking for blogs, staff newsletters from the boss or anything else that needs your name on it, we will meet your requirements, and won’t tell a soul!


Educational copy

We understand that not everyone finds it easy, or indeed has the time, to get their knowledge down onto paper into a user-friendly format. For those of you who are looking to break complex information down into a simple learning tool, we create online course content, e-books and more.


Email campaigns

Whether you’re looking for ongoing marketing content, a company or client newsletter, or a sequence of sales emails for a particular campaign; we’ve got it all!


Product Descriptions

Real Estate, jewellery, or handmade gifts; the way you describe a product is ultimately what will sell it. Rather than describing the features, let us take your potential clients on an emotional journey which will leave them in no doubt that your product is for them!


Company biographies

Personal and company biographies are a must these days! Everyone wants to know who you are and what you’re about before they’ve met you and with Google being the first port of call, it’s vital that when your name and business are entered into the search engine, they like what they see! We know it can be practically impossible to write your own biography so with our copywriting services, we’ll do it for you!


Facebook Live scripting

Copywriting services are evolving and we no longer write words solely with the intention of them being read, you can also use them to speak to your audience through your social media channels! While it’s one of the most effective ways to create organic engagement, Facebook Live can be terrifying! And there’s nothing worse than logging off and realising you’ve forgotten to mention something essential! We’ll write your script for you so you can learn it before you press ‘Go Live’ (nowhere do we recommend reading from it!), and make sure you cover the vital points in your session. Scripts are available as a one-off or in bulk as part of an ongoing monthly connection package.


Facebook posting

Nobody reads the Yellow Pages any more and Facebook is the place-to-be to showcase your business. And you need to be there consistently! Unfortunately, coming up with unique and engaging content on an ongoing basis is HARD! Words and the Bees will provide a stream of posts for you to help you build valuable relationships with your existing and potential clients and improve your sales.

The Words and the Bees’ Business Builder content package will build your website content, which will build your audience and, in turn, build your sales to help your business grow! Click HERE for more information or call 0422 053 199 today!

Words and the Bees provides ongoing monthly packages consisting of the best blend of our copywriting services to suit your business. Tailor made for you, we can also include SEO strategy and professional design to meet all your ongoing content needs in just ONE monthly payment! CLICK HERE for more information or call 0422 053 199 today.

Prices start from just $99