Content marketing is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between your business and your target market

Successful brands use content marketing to build their personality and tap into customers emotions

Think of your favourite social media accounts.




Health and fitness.

We all have companies we avidly follow on social media, and products we reach for time and time again.

Those brands aren’t at the forefront of your mind because their product is necessarily the best. They’re there because you like the way they talk to you.

You like that you’re a part of their journey.

And, most relevant to you and your business…their content marketing is working.

According to recent studies on integrated marketing communication,  people develop an emotional attachment to a brand, and this loyalty gives the brand a successful competitive advantage.

Website and social media content marketing create the background tapestry of your business and we’re fortunate today that we have digital exposure at our fingertips.

If you’re still not convinced how important content marketing is to the success of your business, keep reading.

Here are five reasons publishing regular and engaging content on your social media accounts and website is crucial to building your business; and our top content marketing tips to help you get there!

  1. Helps your audience get to know you

“People do not buy products and services; they buy relations, stories, and magic.” Seth Godin

According to Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur and digital marketing guru, nobody really cares about your product.

They care about you.

You want to inspire confidence through your personal style of conducting business. Posts allow your customers to celebrate your triumphs, empathise with setbacks, get excited about new developments and above all feel like they belong.

Content marketing tip: Write a ‘day in the life’ blog post that relates to your product or service. Share information, tell your story, and document your magic!

Below: Seth Godin, entrepreneur – listen to what he says! Image source:

2. You could go viral

The aim of viral content marketing is to reach new audiences and create rapid growth for your business. Contrary to the stream of negativity we experience through the media, it’s the uplifting, funny, unexpected, and bucking-the-trend content that scores high on shares and gets people talking.

For example, a story of a plumber using his drain camera to locate and rescue a trapped dog is going to create far more awareness for your brand than content about why his business is better, or cheaper.

Content marketing tip: Trigger emotions in your audience. Happiness, anger, sadness, relief…if you can make someone feel something, they’re much more likely to share your content.

3. Build your authority

Whether you’re producing the best cup of coffee, creating in-demand jewellery, offering financial advice, or building dream homes, YOU are the expert.

By sharing photos and videos of your achievements, you build on that authority.

Content marketing tip: Every time you upgrade your qualifications, open a new branch, get in a new shipment, throw a client party, design something new, or find information that will help people save time, or money, then share it on Facebook or, better yet, turn it into a small article for your website!

4. Gives you the leading edge over competitors

A caring attitude and charm will win you more customers than expert knowledge alone. Successful business owners are perceived by their customers as friends who are willing to share innovations, tips, and offer advice.

Content marketing tip: Don’t be afraid to ask customers to engage with you. It’s often through the comments sections that new opportunities arise, or owners realise that a product or service needs to be improved

5. Being active on many channels helps in Google searches

People look for web content published recently, so even if your rankings are low because 10, 000 other businesses are selling the same thing, if you’ve published fresh, new content in the previous thirty days you increase the changes of appearing much higher in the rankings.

You want to do everything you can to appear on that first page of a Google search because honestly, how often have you clicked over to pages two and three?

Content marketing tip: Depending on the size of your audience, regular Facebook posting and between two and four blog posts on your website per month, will keep you in the public eye.

If you Google ‘growing your business through blog content and social media’,  there are 164 million posts on the topic.

And that’s the number one reason content creation is best left to the experts!

Thinking of original ideas, creating all that content alone and remembering when to post it for the best results can be daunting and overwhelming. So much so that it’s easy to push content to the bottom of the to-do list, instead preferring to focus on our product and service.

Words and the Bees will create quality content for your business to entertain, inform, engage an audience and share your magic. You still control the content, but we’ll use our creativity to gain maximum online exposure for you and your business.

To find out more about our content marketing packages tailor made to suit the needs of your business, call Jo today on 0422 053 199 or click HERE to send us an email.