Writing an eBook requires patience, skill, and a whole lot of time.

It’s one of those tasks that, no matter how good your intentions, is always going to get pushed to the bottom of the ever-growing list of important things to do.

Yes, you know your business inside-out so you’re obviously the best person for the job, but as a business-owner, time and space to concentrate are scarce and an eBook often remains just a dream that is never brought to life.

But did you know that an eBook isn’t something that’s just ‘nice to have’? Written correctly, an eBook can add value to your business and is a great way to grow your reach and increase your profits.

If you’ve been putting off writing an eBook, here are five reasons you might want to push this up your priority list, instead of down

1) It acts as a lead magnet.

Have you ever wondered why you can rarely visit a website without being prompted to ‘enter your email address to download now’?

Or why that website content which WILL change your life for the better is only available via your email address?

Well, I’ll let you into a secret.

It’s because selling your product to people who have already shown an interest and have voluntarily given you an email address for you to contact them is one of the most effective ways to make sales.

Enter the lead magnet!

The lead magnet is THE number one way to attract your target market to your site, entice them with the content that they’ve been looking for, and get them into your marketing funnel without them even realising it.

As time goes by, your ongoing email marketing campaign will push those prospective buyers further down your funnel until they trust you enough to part with their cash and become your lifelong customer for life.


And this process all begins with an eBook as a lead magnet.

Professional copywriter: Writing an eBook

EBooks are an excellent lead magnet!

2) It offers a point of difference to your competition.

In many industries, what you offer can be provided by any number of your competitors and whether someone becomes your client or not is purely down to personal choice.

In today’s market, it’s essential that you can offer a point of difference to your competitor and one of the most effective ways to do this is by providing content that will help build a relationship with your future clients.

An eBook is one of the best vehicles for you to talk in-depth about your experience, offer content which shows your real personality, and gives people the reasons they’re looking for why they should choose YOU.

3) You can sell it to make money.

While a free eBook is often used as a lead magnet to encourage people to become your customer, one that is in depth and detailed enough can also be sold to make money.

The monetary value of an eBook is directly related to the value of the content so create something in-depth and useful, and you have one of the best forms of passive income at your disposal.

The best thing about writing an eBook to make money is that once it’s created, it will require ZERO maintenance so you can sit there and watch the sales roll in.

4) It proves your authority in your industry.

In today’s online world, it’s a sad fact that just because you say you can do something, it doesn’t mean your audience will believe you!

Writing an eBook and showcasing your relevant skills and experience will help to highlight your authority by proving you have the skills necessary to solve their problems.

5) It can increase traffic to your website.

Publishing an eBook is a great way to grab the attention of Google searchers who don’t know they’re looking for your particular product.  Google decides where to place your website in search engine results based on many factors, one of them is that your content matches the search terms of your target market.

The more relevant content on your site, the more people will visit and, better still, they’ll stay there for longer which also increases your domain authority.

While the thought of writing an eBook can be a complete drag, it will help you build your business and is recommended as an essential item as part of your marketing toolkit.

If you want to build your business but you just don’t have the capacity to write an eBook, call Jo Robinson on 0422 053 199 to see how Words and the Bees can help you!